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Our Philosophy

The CampusTech School Management System is a complete school management software designed to automate a school’s diverse operations, from student profiles, teacher profiles, classes, and exams to a calendar of school events. Any institution, big or small, needs to build an organized system that records all information of the students and allows ease of use and access. This Software has been created to help every institution manage all their data in a flawless and systematic manner. The product ensures to provide quality and result oriented solutions to all your worries.
Product Features

  • 01

    Responsive User Interface

    Suits for all kind of electronic devices (Media). Resolution fixed for all tabs, Projectors, Mobiles, Desktop, Laptops. Anyone with basic knowledge in computers will be able to use CampusTech on first login without any instructions.

  • 02

    Web Based

    CampusTech is a completely web based software. There is nothing to install in your computer. Use it from your favourite browser.

  • 03

    Easy customization

    We know that your requirements might be different from what CampusTech offers. CampusTech is optimized for customization.

  • 04

    Multiple language support

    Supports for 21 languages.

  • 05

    Addictive features

    The teachers, students, parents and employees of your institution will love to use CampusTech for their daily activities.

  • 06

    Amazing Support

    The CampusTech team is available 24/7 to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question about CampusTech.

  • 07

    Homework document

    Attach and download study material very easily.

  • 08

    Profile system

    Edit profile as you wish

  • 09

    Graphical Reports

    CampusTech offers graphical analysis on the performance of students, teachers, classes and sections. Graphical reports provide vital analytical details of the data.

  • 10

    Custom Reports

    The custom report plugin gives you the power to generate different kinds of reports in the way you like. You can set the fields of the reports.

  • 11

    Student & Parent Login

    Students and Parents have their own individual login access to CampusTech. They can access their dashboard from anywhere around the world.

  • 12

    Employee Login

    The teachers and non-teaching staff of your organization have separate login access to CampusTech. Use this feature to automate the system and process of your institution.

  • 13

    Best quality at lowest price

    CampusTech offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for enterprise software’s in Education sector. Our solutions and services will be affordable for schools and colleges of any size.

  • 14

    Database backup Restore capability

    Easily backup restore the Whole database with error free.

  • 15

    Internal messaging

    Private messaging between admin student teacher and parent.

  • 16

    Advance user management

    Give privileges to your different staffs according to the way you like. You can have full control over what a user can do and what not.

  • 17

    Custom URL

    You can set custom web address for the CampusTech installation. For example: or

  • 18

    Parent monitor child activity

    Parents can monitor all the activities of their children

  • 19

    Developer support ready

    Dedicated developer support is always available.

  • 20


    CampusTech is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs.

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